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So I actually wished you a happy birthday already but I thought I'd write an entry just for once.. It's the right moment! :)

Happi Baasudei is getting a little old I guess so I found someone else to sing you a nice song..

I know it's your favorite one!!

It's Bundesliga time again!

Well, not really yet.. but today was Bayern Munich's first official training session for the new season! With all the newbies I'm so curious about (above all:

<3 <3 <3)
Lucky Bayern fans... for the training session was broadcasted on fcb.tv and two German TV channels..
and what did I do?
Okay, I did not run around the house to watch all three transmissions simultaneously. I actually didn't decide for any of them.. because I overslept it!!!!! TT_______________________TT That can only happen to me.. I was so looking forward to it. And I knew it would be shown today. I talked to my mother how happy I would be to see everyone again... for now I got to content myself with pictures that were fortunately taken in a huge amount.. and maybe there'll be some more reports on TV tonight. Man :(

BUT: three days to go until SICILIA! <3 that makes me happy again


Isn't this beautiful??? XDD

Today I had my last final exam (out of 5), the oral examintaion in biology. It was all about signal transfers at the synapse (between two nerve cells). At first in general and then together with the neurotoxin Botox. I actually wanted another topic to work on (like evolution) but it was neurobiology.. and it went quite okay I felt.

When I came home after the test I told my dad that I found it okay and that I expected "maybe good but not something like very good / an A". And then I listened to one of my old cassettes from my childhood to relax a bit before I went back to get my mark.
Well, I don't want to write anything in detail -
only that I got 14 points.. out of 15 possible! In Germany very good goes from 13-15 points. Could be that 15 is equal to A+ and 14 would be A..
I don't know but I'm sooo happy!!! I really didn't expect that!!! There were maybe 6-10 people of 40 or 50 present who had marks between 13-15. That was quite surprising, too. Everyone about 11 points even got an applause.. ^////^ Still can't believe it...

Now I got a headache. I made such a fuss about this test because there were some things that I really didn't know soo well. And it was so much to learn! Neurobiology, evolution, immunobiology, photosynthesis, cellular respiration, ... I bet there was more. It felt like it anyway.



I just came back home from writing my English exam for 6 hours, ready to relax and everything - and what are the news of the day?

Jürgen Klinsmann got sacked!

Still don't really believe it. I mean I can't even say whether I find it good or bad.
Right, I've never been a supporter of project Klinsmann because I thougth it wasn't clever to have someone coach Bayern who has never been responsible for a Bundesliga club...
I said so many times that I'd prefered another coach but now that he's gone it's strange. Sometimes I was like "well, I guess that's not how he'd visualized things, too" and well, I'm puzzled.
Maybe it wasn't the right moment, maybe it was. We all don't know and have to wait for the next game. If Bayern wins all their 5 future matches it was the right time. But if not? No, idea...

How could I forget about it? ;)

Happy Birthday Mark!!
The very best wishes for the very best captain of the very best team!!! <3 <3
You won't read this but please stay the way you are :)

Sorry that I'll never sing stupid songs for you while wearing a Dirndl (and being all old and silly XDD)

Scusa ma ti chiamo amore

Long long ago... okay, last year jarrahzeff posted a picspam featuring Raoul Bova because he was.. kind of a mixture between Marki and Luca. A little bit.. but beautiful though ;)
She lead me to the Italian movie "Scusa ma ti chiamo amore" ("Sorry if I love you") in which he plays the protagonist. I downloaded it and searched for English subtitles so that I could understand what they were saying. But there were only some in Russian, Spanish or.. Italian. And somehow I forgot about it.

But yesterday I finally watched it! I was told I wouldn't have to understand every word to understand the film and that was true! I actually put on the Italian subs.. I'm a little proud of how much I was actually able to understand! I should keep on learning :)


Well, now to the film. I promised I would report how I liked it..
I have to say I really really enjoyed watching it!
I knew some bits of the story already and I wasn't sure whether I would like to watch how a 17-year-old girl falls in love with a man who is 20 years older. But everything was really lovingly told - and I can understand that Niki fell for Alex <3 <3

In addition to that I really enjoyed the fact that the movie was filmed in Roma. There were some placed that I recognized... Random but cool :)

I feel like watching more Italian movies now~

Talking about movies. I went to the cinema, too, yesterday. With bunny_d_kate ! The Mall Cop with Kevin James. Of course totally different (a little more understandable, too XD) but really cool in its own way!


Today I got mail from JibJab again. I tended to just delete it before reading because the last times I visited the website almost every funny video in which you could embed own faces was accessible only if you payed sth..
But this time I had a look. And: there was I very nice video idea - for free!!

Just enjoy! I really love the result! <3 <3
Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

Oh yeah, and my Marki jersey arrived last Friday!! I'm going to show off a little soon! ;)

I knew it!! <3

Now I'm definitely going to buy
Mark van Bommel
will stay in Munich!!!! <3 <3 <3

I somehow promised that to him! Even if he probably doesn't know of our deal ;)

Well I just felt like updating my LJ once again! I actually wanted to write something about my trip to Werder to watch the "epic match" between Werder and Bayern!! XD

Pics and comments hereCollapse )

The most important moment:
Yeah, that's me shouting "Maaaaaark" XD But I guess he didn't hear me...
I almost forgot to mention that when the four of them (Mark, Andi, Michi and Miro) came near the pitch's exit Mark walked over to his BFF to pat his.. let me call it lower back ;)
But unfortunately I didn't manage to take out the camera fast enough!

I have to say it was quite a great day in Bremen! I expected the match to be a little more... full of goals but it was exciting though! I would've enjoyed being there standing within all the red fans but it was okay to be near them, too. So I could sing along and cheer on Bayern without feeling totally lonely between all the Werder fans. I stand by my men anyway! :)

I said I missed the goals in Bremen: We got them against Lisboa! 12-1 in total! That was unbelievable!! I mean.. it was still Champions League and no training match!
When I went to Matthias' on Tuesday to watch the second leg I didn't really expect an exciting game. Just one or two goals to not disappoint the fans. But it was seven of them!!! Even our very Captain Dutch scored one!!!
Matthias started shaking his head mentioning how widely I was grinning from that moment on. But I mean: it WAS a beautiful goal! Plus goal celebraton with Miro and the magic tongue! XD
I know you know it already but I want it in my LJ: Photobucket

I just read that his surgery went well. But.. I'm still sad that it had to happen just now! I mean at least six weeks without him. That's a very long time. The Bundesliga is almost over then!!
Like I already said: I hope Marki gives him some TLC.. He could catch him the fish of love! XD (you know.. they went fishing in Dubai.. very early and very very just the two of them)
But enough of that!

Just nine days of school to go! I guess I haven't really realized that by now...
Time to buy a ball dress already?
I'm excited O.o

My very own Prince Charm-... William?!?

Found this on bunny_d_kate's journal and just had to do it!
I always have to do memes like this one XD
(there's another one waiting but that needs a little more time spent on it...)

Prince William on pole..
Absolutely not my type! XD
I told this generator I wanted dark hair!!

Just like 2, 3 or 14!!! (how strange, I just read something about Will Smith.. XD)

I so had a crush on Kostja after watching him in Sommersturm.. I didn't expect him to be that famous already!
Good job, Gala!!

I somehow feel like making a huge picspam XD But I actually have to learn for tomorrow's history test...


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